Should Be You – Ne-Yo (feat. Fabolous & Diddy): Song of the Day 10/24

While Ne-Yo was trying to reinvent himself on his most recent album R.E.D. with more pop tracks, it’s the tracks which possess his old school R&B sound which are standouts from the album. “Let Me Love You” and “Forever Now”  may have gotten the dance floor packed, but it was tracks like “Should Be You” which had devoted Ne-Yo fans smiling the widest.

All about reminiscing and hoping for different situations, “Should Be You” is another slow-jam which has Ne-Yo completely in touch with emotion. To supplement Ne-Yo’s performance are Fabolous and Diddy, two MC’s who have dominated the breakup track for hip-hop. It’s airplay may have been minimal but “Should Be You” is the sound Ne-Yo is fit for and one he needs to not forget about in his future endeavors.

Listen to “Should Be You” below.


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