Wait For A Minute – Tyga (feat. Justin Beiber): Song of the Day 10/21

There was once a stigma in the rap game that if you were working with Justin Bieber that you were going a little soft and losing major street cred. Those feelings seem to have subsided as Beiber has matured and done some hot features on hip-hop tracks. Tyga has witnessed Biebs’ transition and decided to bring him in for his latest release, “Wait For A Minute”.

The first single from from Tyga’s upcoming project The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, “Wait For A Minute” may bring Tyga back to the top after lackluster performances by all his single off Hotel California. There is no denying that Bieber no longer sounds like the kid singing “Baby” but one who’s development Tyga compares to Justin Timberlake. Next to that, Tyga’s own bars are seductive and dark which pair perfectly with the tantalizing production, giving “Wait For A Minute” serious hit potential.

Listen to “Wait For A Minute” below.

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