Believe – James Fauntleroy: Song of the Day 10/12

If you are checking out the credits to many of the tops R&B/pop hits over the last five years, they will all usually have something in common. James Fauntleroy will be credited with writing it. While he was hidden behind his words for years, Fauntleroy is beginning to shine on the mic and today’s Song of the Day “Believe” is another step in the singer direction for him.

While the production sounds somewhat unfinished which will be updated when a top-tear artist picks it up instead, “Believe” shows that Fauntleroy has skills much larger than just in the pen. Unlike most of the tracks he has been featured on thus far, “Believe” is a much more upbeat track which makes Fauntleroy really show off his pipes. He may never become a better performer than a songwriter, but with “Believe”, Fauntleroy has a stable platform to expand from.

Listen to “Believe” below.


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