F.I.V.E. – Game (feat. Lil Wayne & Chris Brown): Song of the Day 10/9

Over the course of his career, Game has done an inordinate amount of interview. He has heard almost every detailed question but maybe he hasn’t been asked some of the simple ones like, “What is your favorite number?”. After releasing his latest mixtape OKE we just might have our answer.

One of the standouts from Operation Kill Everything, “F.I.V.E.” has Game dedicating the track to all of the great five’s out there. While the track barely breaks the 2:30 minute mark, Game still manages to fit in a Chris Brown chorus and Lil Wayne verse to accompany his own slick flow. Who knew there were so many reasons Game’s number was “F.I.V.E.”?

Listen to “F.I.V.E.” below.


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