Nosetalgia – Pusha T (feat. Kendrick Lamar): Song of the Day 10/4

Through most of his rhymes, it is easy to see that Pusha T has a past that few can match. While some rappers may claim that they posted up on the corner, it is well noted that Push has a serious past with cocaine. While he may no longer be in the drug business, once and awhile he has a little “Nosetalgia” about the days he hugged the block.

A storytelling standout from Pusha’s upcoming album My Name Is My Name, “Nosetalgia” brings two of the hottest MC’s in the game together to reminisce about the past dealings with cocaine. While Push spits about the days that he used to sell crack as his profession, Kendrick Lamar tells the of the story about how cocaine was ruining his father’s life. With these two men on the track, this is exactly the type of music one should expect.

Watch the official video for “Nosetalgia” below.


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