Cabaret – Justin Timberlake (feat. Drake): Song of the Day 10/2

It has been clearly noted that Justin Timberlake‘s new main man is Jay-Z.  They collaborated for two mega-hits already this year and went on one of the highest-selling tours of the year. While these two did do another track together for The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2, it is the albums only other collaboration which is the ultimate highlight.

To put on a great “Cabaret” it usually takes more than one performer and with JT bringing in Drake for the most hyped track off 2 of 2, two of the highest-selling artist of 2013 are together for one huge hit. Drizzy provides and extended 24 bars for “Cabaret” while Timberlake once again gets the classy party going over Timbo’s production. While 2 of 2 is not expected to come close to the sales of its predecessor, once “Cabaret” becomes a single, expect the music world to go insane.

Listen to “Cabaret” below.


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