Blood On The Leaves – Kanye West: Song of the Day 8/25

When it was announced that Kanye West would be gracing the VMA stage with his presence once again this year, nobody was sure what track from his controversial album Yeezus he would perform. Without an overly successful single yet and having performed “Black Skin Head” and “New Slaves” live multiple times already, it was time for new material. That was exactly what Yeezy brought with “Blood On The Leaves”.

While “Bound 2” will be Kanye’s next official single, he decided to perform the dark, pulse-pounding “Blood On The Leaves” for all the world to see tonight. The song all about Kanye’s past failed relationships is a relentless attack over a sample of Nina Simone’s iconic rendition of “Strange Fruit”. Yeezus may be Kanye’s lowest performing album to date but “Blood On The Leaves” should definitely stir the pot once again.

Listen to “Blood On The Leaves” below along with the live VMA performance.


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