SLR 2 – Lupe Fiasco: Song of the Day 8/15

It may have been a Big Sean track but it was Kendrick Lamar’s verse on “Control” which has had the rap community buzzing. K. Dot called out a majority of the rap community in his verse and while those who were mentioned seem to be accepting the competition, some of those who were not have been offended by their absence. Lupe Fiasco is one of these MC’s and on “SLR 2” Lupe decides to take his own shots.

Lupe has never been shy about criticizing the culture of rap currently but on “SLR 2” his lyrics are much easier to sift through to find the punches. The Chi-town rapper not only goes back at Kendrick but also goes after Jay-Z amongst others for the false steps in the game. Lupe has accepted the fact that he is a hate him or love him rapper and “SLR 2” will only accentuate this.

Listen to “SLR 2” below.


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