Tapout – Rich Gang (feat. Lil Wayne, Future, Birdman, Mack Maine & Nicki Minaj): Song of the Day 8/7

It is hard to argue that the crews that YMCMB can push out on a daily basis is not one of the tops in the game. While Rich Gang may have not sold as many copies of their compilation album as they may have hoped, Birdman still knows how to put together a hot single. For the album’s lead track, Birdman decided to bring out all his heavyhitters to make the ladies “Tapout”.

When you live an extravagant life like every member of Rich Gang, it is not enough to just impress a girl. It is almost a requirement to make her “Tapout” from excitement and awe. Lil Wayne, Birdman, Mack Maine, and Nicki Minaj contribute to this cause with four hot verses, but it is Future’s catchy chorus which really puts “Tapout” on the map. By the end of this track, nobody will be left standing on the mat against Rich Gang.

Watch the official video for “Tapout” below.


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