It’s A Cold World (Trayvon Tribute) – Young Jeezy: Song of the Day 7/14

Now that it has been over 24 hours since the Zimmerman trial was complete with a not-gulity verdict, the significance of the events are starting to sink in. Whether you agree or disagree with the outcome, there is no denying that Trayvon’s death is going to shape history. Young Jeezy understands this but believes that “It’s A Cold World”.

Released only hours after the verdict, “It’s A Cold World (Trayvon Tribute)” is Jeezy’s response to the conclusion of the trial. Many artists have expressed their opinions on the subject through Twitter, but only Jeezy has made a musical response thus far. While Jeezy clearly disagrees with the verdict, many have a different view of the event but all should take a listen to “It’s A Cold World (Trayvon Tribute)” to start understanding both sides.

Listen to “It’s A Cold World (Trayvon Tribute)” below.


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