Part II (On The Run) – Jay-Z (feat. Beyonce): Song of the Day 7/7

It all started as one amazing collaboration between the hottest rapper in the game and a member of the biggest girl group of the time. The original ” ’03 Bonnie & Clyde” started a firestorm about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s relationship which has since bloomed into a beautiful marriage and produced baby girl. However, this has not stopped these two heavyweights from producing music together as these two hook up once again for “’03’s” official sequel.

Fittingly as a 10 year anniversary present of their first collaboration, “Part II (On The Run)” continues the story of these modern day outlaws. While “’03” was a huge single for The Blueprint 2, don’t expect “Part II (On The Run)” to climb the single’s charts initially. Definitely a deep cut off Magna Carta Holy Grail, “Part II” is a smooth, grown up celebration of Hov and B’s longevity together and a sign that these two aren’t about to quit hustling.

Listen to “Part II (On The Run)” below.


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