Get Like Me – Nelly (feat. Nicki Minaj & Pharrell): Song of the Day 6/19

When you live a lavish lifestyle like Nelly, it is easy to see how people want to live a life similar to his. With women to his left and right, stacks in his pockets, and fast cars in the driveway, why wouldn’t you want to step into Nelly’s shoes? For this reason Nelly is proclaiming that everyone wants to “Get Like Me”.

The newest single from Nelly which is sure to clog the airwaves, “Get Like Me” may not have the bass pounding but will sure have heads bobbing to the infectious production from Pharrell. The mega-producer also handles the chorus for “Get Like Me” while Nicki Minaj adds a verse to enhance the envy from Nelly’s haters who will surely continue to “Get Like Me” after a listen to this hot joint.

Listen to “Get LIke Me” below.


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