Dirty Laundry – Kelly Rowland: Song of the Day 6/18

They were the female group of the century but undoubtably led by one superstar. Destiny’s Child was riding high, pumping out hit after hit, then all of a sudden it was over. The girls all went their separate ways and Beyonce took over as a solo artist. Kelly Rowland found the solo route much more difficult, however. This is why as she reaches her peak, it is time for her to dish out her “Dirty Laundry”.

The second single from his newly-released album Talk a Good Game, “Dirty Laundry” reveals a striped down Kelly who opens up about the troubles in her life after Destiny’s Child’s dispatching. Penned by The-Dream, “Dirty Laundry” talks about Ms. Kelly’s jealously and envy towards her bandmate’s success and how she had to work through an abusive relationship. Undoubtably emotional and bold, “Dirty Laundry” may be Kelly’s crowning achievement to date.

Listen to “Dirty Laundry” below.


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