Bugatti (Freestyle) – Lil Wayne (feat. Boo): Song of the Day 6/10

I Am Not A Human Being II was a disappointment to many people, but even the most casual Lil Wayne fan gets excited when Weezy starts doing remixes over hot beats. This is because once Wayne starts doing remixes and freestyles, a Dedication mixtape is usually on the way. After Wayne released “Bugatti (Freestyle)” today, this trend continued.

Along with a verse from Boo, Wanye jumped on Ace Hood’s gigantic single for his “Bugatti (Freestyle)”. Although the topics Weezy has been rapping about over the last few years do not change on this joint, it is hard to not get excited hearing Weezy on this banger which will be first featured on DJ Stevie J’s upcoming mixtape. If that does not get your juices flowing, the announcement of Dedication 5 should get things started.

Listen to “Bugatti (Freestyle)” below.


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