Bad (Remix) – Wale (feat. Rihanna): Song of the Day 6/7

There was no doubting the quality of Wale‘s single “Bad”. With a smooth chorus from Tiara Thomas and focused, meaningful lyrics from Wale, “Bad” had all the workings of a positive addition to The Gifted. Despite all of this, “Bad” hadn’t turned into the hit Wale was looking for. This is why he decided to give the joint a facelift for the official remix.

With revamped, radio-ready production and tweaked verses from Wale, “Bad (Remix)” is undeniably a hotter track than the original. Then just to take it up another level, Wale brought in music’s top bad girl, Rihanna, to replace Thomas on the hook. There are few times a remix outshines the original but “Bad (Remix)” will surely battle its predecessor.

Listen to “Bad (Remix)” below.

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