$100 Bill – Jay-Z: Song of the Day 5/2

Executive producing the soundtrack for one of the most anticipated movies of the years was not enough. His wife being on the project did not suffice either. For Jay-Z, he had to hop on the mic and spit some bars himself to be satisfied. So are the fans now that he did and gave the “$100 Bill”.

Hova’s track which is included on The Great Gatsby soundtrack, “$100 Bill” is all about the parallels between Mr. Carters rise to the top and the iconic character Jay Gatsby. The track includes audio from the film and exudes the feelings of extravagancy and darkness. Both are themes of the the book and upcoming motion picture.

But just like Gastby, Hova has become much more than a one trick pony. By doing so he now has his fair share of these “$100 Bills”.

Listen to “$100 Bill” below.


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