If I A’int F****d Up – Ludacris: Song of the Day 4/26

To most people when they smoke, drink, dip, or take any drug, they get high. A sensation which many people crave or enjoy having on a sporadic basis, Ludacris loves getting screwing 24/7. Because “If I A’int Fucked Up” Luda doesn’t feel right.

The second release off DTP Records Presents: I Don’t Give A F**k, “If I A’int F****d Up” is a users anthem. Over banging production, Luda’s rhymes are intoxicating and will surely cause enough partying on their own. While those parties may have us normal people spinning, Ludacris will feel right at home, feeling as normal as ever.

Listen to “I A’int F****d Up” below.


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