Leggo – B. Smyth (feat. 2 Chainz): Song of the Day 4/3

As silly as it may sound, it should not be surprising that the term “Leggo” has taken off so much in the past few years. It has connected this generation with one if its favorite toys from it’s childhood. But on a more serious note, the term which is nothing more than a glorified abbreviation of “Let’s Go” has taken over young vocabularies including the up-and-coming B. Smyth‘s.

The first official single from B. Smyth, “Leggo” should not be overlooked based on whether or not you are annoyed by the slang title. With a similar style and flow to Chris Brown, the man who co-created the term, B. Smyth shows true potential with “Leggo”. With help from an absolutely base-bumping beat and a verse from fellow block stacker 2 Chainz, B. Smyth has a solid foundation started with this joint. And to think it all started with a “Leggo”.

Watch the official video for “Leggo” below.


One response to “Leggo – B. Smyth (feat. 2 Chainz): Song of the Day 4/3

  1. I love b smyth the first time I heard his song I was like who is this and I looked and I was like wow beautiful’s got it going on. So I then go on youtube and watched the video A LOT of times lol!) #1 fan here…. B is amazing!)

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