NBA – Joe Budden (feat. Wiz Khalifa & French Montana): Song of the Day 3/30

For young basketball players and teenage MC’s with talent and, there is only one goal. Make it to the league or get signed. Although there are many perks and amenities which come with playing at the highest level, there is one which rises above the rest. As Joe Budden tells us on his latest single from No Love Lost, “NBA” or “Never Broke Again” is the best part of reaching the big time.

There was a time when Joe Budden was an underground star but was not raking in the big bucks. However, as “NBA” proclaims, Budden and his fellow moneymakers, Wiz Khalifa and French Montana who assist him on the track, have now acquired excess amounts of discretionary funds.

There may have been a time when Budden reached in his pockets and green was not to be found. But now Budden is in the “NBA” and things have changed.

Watch the official video for “NBA” below.


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