Dress On – Justin Timberlake (feat. Timbaland): Song of the Day 3/19

It has been seven years and finally it is here. Justin Timberlake finally released his third solo project The 20/20 Experience today and the buzz is deafening. Because of the majority of people are now purchasing or stealing their music from the comfort of their own homes, most will miss out on the entire Experience, including today’s Song of the Day.

While the standard addition of of 20/20, found on iTunes among others providers, contains only 10 tracks, those who make the trek to their local Target to purchase the album will be rewarded with two bonus tracks. “Dress On” is one of the two.

Sensuality is at a climax on this tantalizing mid-tempo jam which has JT asking his lady why her dress has not slipped off her solid figure. While Timbaland’s presence can be felt on the production of every track on 20/20, Timbo hops on “Dress On” for a few bars to only accent the Timberlake everyone has waited so long to hear again.

Listen to “Dress On” below.


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