Crack – 2 Chainz: Song of the Day 3/16

The drug business is one most people never want to be associated with. However, for some including 2 Chainz, it was the only way to stay afloat during times of struggle. Now that he has made it to the top, 2 Chainz no longer needs to hustle drugs, but he will always have the memories of when he used to push “Crack”.

The latest single from Based on a T.R.U. Story, “Crack” is the type of track which brings the haters to 2 Chainz but is the main attraction to his fans. Over bass-bumping production from Southside, Chainz creates more new words than E-40 on “Crack” as he describes his criminal background. While some will criticize Chainz lack of lyrical depth, Chainz and his supporters will call “Crack” what it is; a certified banger.

Watch the official video for “Crack” below.


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