Jonylah Forever – Lupe Fiasco: Song of the Day 3/15

Growing up in Chicago, Lupe Fiasco is the first one to stand up for his city. However, he has also witnessed how his city has become a hotbed for gun violence. This epidemic has come to a climax with the murdering of an infant girl named Jonylah Watkins who’s diaper was being changed by her father when he was fired upon. This innocent life being taken to early has touched Lupe and he has decided to dedicate “Jonylah Forever” to her memory.

Instead of simply paying homage to her death, “Jonylah Forever” is the story of how Jonylah would have lived if she was not taken from the world much too early. Few rappers other than Lupe Fiasco could write such a beautiful tribute to a soul who had only seen this earth for months while calling out his own city for its violent tendencies.

Listen to “Jonylah Forever” below.


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