Mirrors – Justin Timberlake: Song of the Day 2/18

Wedding Crashers may have started out as a tale of two bachelors having their way with all the single bridesmaids at the random weddings they attended. However, as the film moves along, these two players end up finding what John Beckwith calls “the soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another.” The true love Beckwith speaks of is what Justin Timberlake is singing about on his latest joint from The 20/20 Experience.

Over the course of 8 minutes, Timberlake soulfully tells how he found his other half as he looked through his “Mirrors”. He has found his counterpoint, this beautiful woman, who is his the reflection of himself. It may have taken some time for JT to take a glance in these “Mirrors” but as he now sees, his true love was right in front of him all along.

Listen to “Mirrors” below.


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