Can I Holla At You? – J. Cole: Song of the Day 2/12

When the Grammy’s wrapped up, new music and music video were expected from many of the performers over the course of the week. This included Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and Drake. However, nobody was expecting any new material from J. Cole but the MC treated the music community to more than anyone else post-Grammy’s including today’s Song of the Day.

Cole decided to release Truly Yours, a five song EP featuring leftover tracks from his recording sessions. The standout track from the EP is “Can I Holla At You?”. Over smooth spanish guitar, Cole revisits home, meeting up with three people from his past. While he wishes he could talk to the versions of his friend and ex-girlfriend in his memory, Cole has a much more anger-filled verse for his step-father. This may be a throwaway track but “Can I Holla At You?” is lyricism at its finest.

Listen to “Can I Holla At You?” below.


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