She Don’t Put It Down – Joe Budden (feat. Fabolous, Lil Wayne & Tank): Song of the Day 2/6

Known as one of the premier underground rappers for years now, Joe Budden has seen increasing success in the past 2 years. With projects including his joint album with Slaughterhouse, Budden is gaining a new group of fans. Because of this, songs like “She Don’t Put It Down” were produced for Budden’s newest album to cater to those fans.

“She Don’t Put It Down” is the most radio-ready most have ever heard Budden. With a Tank chorus and verses from to mainstream successful rappers, Fabolous and Lil Wayne (which is a combination of the original version of the track and the remix from No Love Lost), “She Don’t Put It Down” finds Budden rapping about how no other girl compares to the one by his side.

Watch the official video for “She Don’t Put It Down” below.


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