Condom Style – Cassidy: Song of the Day 12/16

Who would have thought a Korean rapper would have produced the highest viewed video in the history of YouTube. Well this is exactly what PSY did. There have been many parodies of “Gangnam Style” but very few remixes of the single. Cassidy is making his first appearance on Musical Breakdown with his attempt at making a serious, socially-impactful remix of PSY’s hit.

Renamed “Condom Style”, Cassidy is promoting safe sex on this remix. Although his message is heartfelt, it is very hard to take this joint seriously. Over an infectious dance beat, Cassidy’s references to picking up chicks and always using a condom just feels disconnected and simply silly. Meek Mill has even come out on Twitter proclaiming “Condom Style” as the worst rap song ever made. This seems like a step in the wrong direction for Cassidy.

Listen to “Condom Style” below and judge for yourself.


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