Blood of Christ – Game: Song of the Day 12/14

Musical Breakdown brought you all the #SundayService joints Game released in anticipation of the release of Jesus Piece. Now the album is here but there may still be a track from Jesus Piece most have not heard unless they purchased their albums at Best Buy. To make sure everyone is able to listen to the album in its true entirety, Musical Breakdown brings you “Blood of Christ”.

A bonus track only available on Jesus Piece copies purchased at Best Buy, “Blood of Christ” is a relentless track. 50 Cent fired a shot at Game on his recent single “My Life” and Game decided to not only fire back at 50 on “Blood of Christ” but the rest of the G-Unit crew, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. Because “Blood of Christ” was not available on iTunes and most leaked versions, Game’s disses may go unnoticed to most, but best believe 50 and the gang have heard the shots fired. It will be interesting to see what the next step in this feud will be.

Listen to “Blood of Christ” below.


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