The Zone – The Weeknd (feat. Drake): Song of the Day 12/1

When The Weeknd decided to rerelease his acclaimed Trilogy of mixtapes as an official album, it was in question just how well would produce on the charts. All the songs on Trilogy, with an exception of three, could be downloaded for free. That is why it is a surprise to many that The Weeknd has sold over 100,000 copies already. This is partly because of the new tracks but also because of jams like “The Zone”.

An emotional, hypnotic single, “The Zone” is about codeine consumption, multiple lovers, and strippers. The Weeknd’s metaphors are advanced and his style of R&B is starting to take off because of “The Zone”. This joint is also one of the few tracks on  Trilogy which has a guest appearance and it is fitting that Drake decided to hop on. After all, it was Drake who first started getting The Weeknd’s name out to the masses.

Watch the official video for “The Zone” below.


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