The Jig Is Up (Dump’n) – Kendrick Lamar: Song of the Day 10/30

It seems Kendrick Lamar has forgotten he can to take some time off from recording. After releasing his critically acclaimed album, good kid. m.A.A.d. city last week, most fans were not expecting to hear anything new from Kendrick for some time, and deservedly so. K. Dot must have missed that memo.

As a gift to his fans for making his album #2 on the charts after selling over 240,000 copies in the first week, Kendrick released a free cut he recorded with J. Cole entitled “The Jig Is Up (Dump’n)”. It should not be a surprise to fans after listening to GKMC that K. Dot is not one to mess with. This man goes H.A.M. over beats and does so again here, even taking a shot at Shyne who is one of the few who criticized Kendrick’s full-length.

Listen to “The Jig Is Up (Dump’n)” below.


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