Mercy – Lil Wayne (feat. Nicki Minaj): Song of the Day 9/11

Other than “No Worries”, the single Lil Wayne performed at the VMA’s, “Mercy”, the remix of the G.O.O.D. Music hit, may be the most discussed track from Dedication 4.

Even before the tape was released, Nicki Minaj revealed she was going to be featured on the mixtape. Neither her or Lil Wayne revealed which track the two would be on together, but the hype was brewing.

Then when Dedication 4 finally dropped, everyone was talking not about Lil Wayne on “Mercy”, but Nicki’s controversial verse. During her bars, she made a remark about how she was Republican and is planning on voting for Mitt Romney in the upcoming election.

Surprisingly President Obama commented on Nicki’s lyrics. He did so in a very smooth fashion. Then yesterday, Nicki revealed, which many expected, that her verse was completely sarcastic.

Listen to “Mercy” and Nicki’s lyrics below.


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