Cockiness (Love It) (Remix) – Rihanna (feat. A$AP Rocky): Song of the Day 9/5

Already known for its sexual innuendos, “Cockiness (Love It)” was a major hit off of Rihanna‘s album Talk That Talk. Just in time for the VMA’s on Thursday, Rihanna recruited A$AP Rocky for the official remix and today’s Song of the Day.

Although a relatively short verse, A$AP goes “Ri-Ri-tarded” over the head-nodding beat. The rest of the song for Rihanna is the same as the original version but a great reminder of its catchiness.

“Cockiness (Love It) (Remix)” will be available for download tomorrow and should be all the buzz after A$AP and Rihanna’s performance at the VMA’s.

In the meantime, check out the track now below.


2 responses to “Cockiness (Love It) (Remix) – Rihanna (feat. A$AP Rocky): Song of the Day 9/5

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