Lamborghini Angels – Lupe Fiasco: Song of the Day 8/14

After releasing “Amen”, Meek Mill had explaining to do. Many listeners were very offended with his lyrical content concerning religion. It seems like Lupe Fiasco learned from Meek’s mistake.

Weeks before releasing the third single from his upcoming album Food & Liquor 2, Lupe warned potential listeners of the track’s lyrical content. Lupe tweeted to the world, “WARNING: If you are easily offended or religiously sensitive DO NOT listen to #LamborghiniAngels it contains very strong subject matter.”

Today we were finally able to listen to “Lamborghini Angles”. Most people include Lupe on their list of top lyricists and this single is another example why. Exploring issues like materialism and religious abuse, “Lamborghini Angels” is one tough code to crack. One listen is definitely not enough to decipher these bars.

Immerse yourself in “Lamborghini Angels” below.


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