New Day – 50 Cent (feat. Dr. Dre & Alicia Keys): Song of the Day 7/28

The wait since Before I Self Destruct has been a long one. 50 Cent has heard all of the critisim. He is only a mixtape rapper now. He has lost his edge. He is not the 50 of old. Well, 50 has decided to turn the page and today is a “New Day”.

Officially the first single from Street King Immortal, 50 Cent brings both the old and new in for “New Day”. As a toast to the past and the future, 50 bring in one of his mentors, Dr. Dre, to kick off the joint and then has Alicia Keys handle the chorus and bridge. An artist nobody would have expected 50 to collaborate with back in 2003.

50 is not this backstory of “New Day” however. 50’s flow is on point and sounds ready to take back the spot on top he may or may not have lost. He does not seem to want anyone to doubt his position in the game any longer.


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