Dog S**t – Mobb Deep (feat. Nas): Song of the Day 5/10

Arguably the most famous, acclaimed, and influential rap duos may be seeing its end. Mobb Deep, consisted of Havoc and Prodigy, have spanned two decades of rap. Known for their dark, hardcore rhymes, the duo seemed to be unbreakable. However, through Twitter, rumors circulated that the longtime partners were in a beef and would never make music together again.

One of the last tracks released by the duo was “Dog S**t”. Although not included on their Black Cocaine EP, the promo single reaches back to the times before the group signed with G-Unit Records. The beat produced by The Alchemist is dark and disturbing and the contribution from Nas on the track fits right in with the ominous sounds of Mobb Deep.

Over the last week, Prodigy has been quoted saying that the rumors are false and nobody should worry about the duo going separate ways. However, there are no confirmed dates when Mobb Deep will release another album.

Hopefully problems will be solved between Havoc and Prodigy. Until then, soak in the sounds of “Dog S**t” which could be one of the last times we hear from the infamous Mobb Deep.


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