New York, New York – B.o.B: Song of the Day 11/30

The Frank Sinatra song “New York, New York” touches a special place in my heart. I am a diehard New York Yankees fan. Whenever the Yankees win, Sinatra’s voice comes over the speakers and thousands of fans start singing about how they want to be part of the “Big Apple”.

When I first thought about someone remaking or sampling this iconic song, I was a little worried. Living up to Sinatra

would be pretty tough. However, I think that B.o.B. did a representative job with his remake off of his new mixtape E.P.I.C.

The song was originally featured in the commercials for the Crisis 2 video game. I heard snippets of it and was intrigued by the more solum vibe. I liked it. The opening piano was a great touch by Bobby Ray.

The rapping is classic B.o.B. which takes a much different political stance than the Sinatra version. The chorus, although tweaked some and sung by a beautiful girl voice, brings me back to the original. Thumbs up to B.o.B. for this cut.


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